Protection against cyber attacks - Kick-off for SecProPort on 21.11.2018

published: 22.11.2018

It's no secret: hackers are taking a strategic approach and are attacking companies more and more skillfully and across industries - including port operations. All players involved in port logistics are connected in a complex communication network and exchange information with each other. Data interfaces are the target for hacker attacks here, because even if the individual systems of the port actors are secured using state-of-the-art technology, this standard does not automatically apply to the entire port communications network.

Kick off SecProPort © dbh Logistics IT AG

In the research project SecProPort, ISL, together with partners from the entire spectrum of port transport, will develop a comprehensive security architecture for the communication network in and around the port based on a process and threat analysis. SecProPort is sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure and has a duration of 3 years.