SecProPort at HICL2019

published: 30.09.2019

On 26th and 27th of September, the Hamburg International Conference of Logistics (HICL) took place in Hamburg, Germany. This year's topic of the annual conference, involving scientists and practitioners from many different countries, was “Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation”.

Digitalization trends continue to shape the industrial world opening up new opportunities across a wide range of sectors. Artificial intelligence (AI) is considered a key driver of digital transformation. Besides AI, the recent advances in machine learning and automation have created a whole new business ecosystem. Additionally, customers are demanding more innovative, more diverse and greener products. This creates numerous challenges for all actors in the supply chain; yet, they also present a unique opportunity to create solutions that improve performance and productivity. HICL2019 focuses on research concepts and ideas that foster the digital transformation in logistics and supply chain with a focus on artificial intelligence.

SecProPort at HICL2019 © ISL

In this context, Nils Meyer-Larsen, ISL, presented the SecProPort project in the session "Risk management", where he explained the background of the project, its contents and goals, and first results. The subsequent lively discussion with the audience showed that cybersecurity plays an important role in national and international research.