SecProPort at the Nautical Society in Bremerhaven

published: 17.09.2019

On 10th September 2019, Dr. Nils Meyer-Larsen, head of ISL's competence area Maritime Security, gave a lecture on "Cybersecurity in Maritime Logistics" as part of an event organized by the Nautical Society in Bremerhaven.

SecProPort at the Nautical Society in Bremerhaven © ISL

Cybersecurity is an important issue when it comes to security in maritime logistics. Maritime transport is of utmost importance to the world economy. Significant disruption of large ports or shipping companies inevitably leads to negative impacts on maritime supply chains and damage to the maritime and trading industries. In his presentation, Dr. Meyer-Larsen explained countermeasures to prevent cyber threats, and presented the projects PortSec and SecProPort.